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About Me

I have been involved in this community for many years as both a public representative and a long time lecturer at the Dublin School of Architecture.  I am passionate not only about building sustainable housing, but creating a better community for everyone to live in. As the Teachta Dála for Dublin South West I will continue to seek timely solutions to the problems we face. 

My vision for Dublin South-West

I aim to improved transport, cycling and pedestrian infrastructure is needed in our community to encourage active travel and to create a safe environment for our children and families. I would like to contribute to community development in Dublin South-West by assisting local community organisations in meeting their needs, improving nearby facilities and amenities.

Dublin South-West is also home to some significant historical and cultural heritage sites which I would like to see preserved. The preservation of Ballymount Gatehouse, which was constructed circa. 1622, is a project I have been working on in conjunction with South Dublin County Council.



As Green Party Housing Spokesperson, I would like to see our housing sector shift transform into  one that is centred on affordability and inclusive of all income levels. I believe the improved delivery of social housing, cost-rental units coupled with improved affordable purchase schemes are key in ensuring a sustainable housing market.

Environmental Policy

I have continued to form holistic sustainable policy through the Council, both in the 2016-2022 Development Plan and the monthly council meetings. I ensured that ‘Wood First’, eco-cement and rainwater harvesting became Council policy in any SDCC procurement projects. I have also promoted rights of way through the Dublin Mountains, allowing greater public access to this environmental treasure. Moving forward I will maintain my commitment to finding solutions which are effective and environmentally prosperous. 

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