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Embodied Carbon in the Built Environment Report

I was delighted to have had the opportunity to introduce the Joint Oireachtas Housing Committee's report on Embodied Carbon in the Built Environment yesterday in the Dáil chamber.

Ireland lags behind other EU jurisdictions in measuring and setting targets for carbon emissions within the construction sector. This report, with the help of a number of stakeholders, highlights the need for action now in measuring and monitoring our embodied carbon emissions in the built environment. It is imperative that targets are set to protect our environment and help us to achieve our climate action goals.

Additionally, there is a need for Part B of the Fire Safety regulations to be reformed as currently, the regulation guidance is seriously prohibitive making it very difficult to procure timber. Ireland is among one of the fastest growing timber industries in Europe, so it is essential that these regulations are reviewed.

Embodied carbon measures are something I have been campaigning for many years and I believe it to be something that needs to be acted on now. See below for my full contribution.

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