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Francis proposes reintroducing a Tax Rebate for Tenants

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

On Wednesday, 14th of September 2022 Francis raised with the Taoiseach a proposal to reintroduce a tax rebate for tenants


Up until December 2017, tenants who paid rent on private property were entitled to a tax rebate. This tax credit was available to all tenants of flats, apartments and houses.

I personally remember and welcomed receiving this rebate, and believe it is important that we consider reintroducing it, to assist in alleviating the financial stress experienced by our renters. By re-introducing the tax rebate, tenants will receive extra cash in their pockets.

Considering the cost of living pressures, I hope it can be considered in the forthcoming budget.

Taoiseach’s response:

Thanks Deputy in relation to your budget recommendation. I know the Minister for Housing is working on all of these issues. Theres a whole range of issues the government has to considering

I will certainly present your perspective, and it’s one that others have put forward

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