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Launch of Francis' Bill: Defective Dwellings Bill 2021

Tomorrow, 30th of September, Francis will be launching his first Bill: the Defective Dwellings Bill 2021, and will present the Bill at First Stage in the Dáil.

This Bill aims to provide a clear framework of legal remedies for people impacted by defective properties, it also imposes a statutory duty on developers, construction businesses and anyone else involved in the constructions works to see to it that the works are executed properly and that proper materials that are fit for purpose are used

This Bill comes at a crucial time when thousands of people are living in defective properties on the verge of collapse as illuminated by the mica redress campaigners, who have been left with bills they simply cannot afford. Similarly, Priory Hall illustrated the devastating consequences of the gaps in our law which left hundreds of homeowners, tenants, and Dublin City Council in profoundly difficult and stressful circumstances

We need to ensure home owners are provided with legal remedies for defective properties. and that construction work is executed properly and defective materials are not used.

Tune in to the official launch of the Bill tomorrow at 11:30am at the following link:

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