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MetroLink Plan

Green Party Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan has confirmed to me that the planning application for MetroLink is expected to be lodged this year.

Over the last number of years I have campaigned for the extension of Dublin's proposed metro system to the south west quadrant of the city, which lacks adequate infrastructure leaving the suburbs of South West Dublin chronically congested, which no amount of buses will relieve. This section of the city is also currently being developed, increasing the population density. The combination of both congestion and increased population density bears a heavy burden on the communities here through commuting stress and CO2 pollution.

Both at Council and Regional Assembly levels I have had cross party support, passing motions to bring the metro to our area. In December 2019 my policies resulted in a ministerial direction calling on the NTA (National Transport Authority) to conduct a feasibility study examining the extension of the metro to our community. The feasibility study is underway, however the terms of reference for this study do not match the ministerial direction, based on the Regional economic and spatial strategy. It will assess an independent line instead of a continuation of the proposed metro, which is unfortunate to say the least.

Dublin South-West is in need of improved public transport which will give people better access to work, education, and health. The impact of sustainable transport extends beyond the environmental benefits, it improves quality of life, productivity, and opportunity.

The Programme for Government commits to prioritising plans for the delivery of Metrolink, Luas and other light rail expansion.

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