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Proposal to Expand Retrofitting Scheme to include Pensioners/Elderly

Francis Noel Duffy TD raises with the Taoiseach a proposal for a scheme that will allow Old Age Pensioners, and those nearing the pension age to avail of an equity scheme which would give them the financial assistance to allow them to deep retrofit their homes


The 8 billion retrofit package is monumental and unseen in the history of this state. It delivers on one of the Green Party’s most important policies, which is designed to eradicate fuel poverty and make homes warmer, healthier and increase the value of their properties over night.

I do however believe that a cohort of our society have been left out and that’s our pensioners.

Taoiseach, will you consider going a step further to improve the retrofit package by introducing an equity release scheme for those who are nearing the pension age and our OAP so that they too can improve the quality of their homes?

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