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Reducing Carbon Emissions in our Built Environment

Francis raised with the Taoiseach the urgent need to introduce carbon limits in our built environment today, 17/05/22.


The Climate Action Act commits Ireland to a legally-binding target of a climate-neutral economy no later than 2050 and a reduction in emissions of 51% by 2030.

We know that the construction and built environment sectors account for 37% of Ireland’s carbon emissions, equalling the emissions from agriculture. 14% of this is attributed to embodied carbon which are the emissions from mining, quarrying, transporting and manufacturing building materials, as well as repairing, renovating and disposing of buildings

In order to fulfil our obligations under the Climate Act, to reduce carbon emissions and the climate catastrophe which we’ve been warned about, the state needs to introduce carbon limits for our built environment. We’re lagging behind other EU countries that are far ahead in measuring embodied carbon and introducing carbon limits.

Taoiseach, could you give a commitment today to raise the urgency for such regulations.

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