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Topical Issue on Exclusion of Social Tenants in the Marianella Apartments

The social exclusion of tenants in the Marianella luxury housing development in the Dublin suburb of Rathgar seriously concerned me. The social housing residents living there, under section 5 of the 2000 Planning and Development Act, have publicly complained about not being able to access many of the apartment complex’s facilities or keep pets, despite this not being the case for any of this development’s other private residents.

It could very well be the case that the situation happening in Rathgar is not an isolated incident, and possibly an example of similar inequalities that exist across the country. During the Programme for Government negotiations, it was agreed to establish a Commission on Housing to examine these issues in detail.

This story proves that there is an urgent need for the government to have much more information, facts and figures on housing, especially in areas like rights, tenure, standards, sustainability and quality-of-life issues, so that they can be addressed before they negatively impact upon people’s lives.

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