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A Guide to Retrofitting Your Home

What is retrofitting?

Retrofitting is upgrading your home energy by fitting new systems designed for high energy efficiency and low energy consumption.

Why should you retrofit your home?

1. Comfort: it will improve comfort, making homes warmer as insulation is improved

2. Savings: lower energy costs by adding renewable energy

3. Environment: reduce domestic emissions and carbon footprint by upgrading to an energy efficient B2 home

4. Value: upgrading to a B2 or higher BER rating increases the value of your property

Who provides home energy upgrades in Ireland?

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is the Irish governmental body established to promote and aid in the development of sustainable energy in Ireland.

What SEAI Home Energy Upgrade options available to me?

There are three home energy upgrade options available to the public depending on eligibility:

​Free Home Energy Upgrade

One Stop Shop Service - Full Home Energy Upgrade

Individual Energy Upgrade Grants


​Fully funded by SEAI

Partially funded by SEAI (approx. 1/3 of cost)

​Partially funded by SEAI (approx. 1/3 of cost)

​Who Manages Project?


Managed by One Stop Shop

​Managed by Homeowners


​Available to homeowners in receipt of certain welfare benefits (outlined here)

Home must be built and occupied before 2006

Available to homeowners and landlords

Home must be built and occupied before 2006 (for insulation and heating grants) or 2011 (renewable system)

Has an existing BER of C2 or lower and must achieve a minimum rating of B2 on completion of works

Has not previously received grants for the same home energy upgrades

​Available to homeowners and landlords

Home must be built and occupied before 2006 (for insulation and heating grants) or 2011 (renewable system)

How to Apply

What grants are available to each package?

* Table taken from SEAI website

For assistance with existing applications and for any other queries or issues, please find below SEAI contact details:

Call: 01808 2004 Email: info@seai.

Will the Government be doing more to encourage and financially assist people to retrofit?

In the Programme for Government, the Government committed to retrofitting 500,000 homes by 2030, as part of the EU Renovation Wave. To support this commitment, in Budget 2022, the Government allocated €300m for residential and community retrofit schemes, of which more than €109m for free upgrades for low-income homes, and €31m businesses and the public sector energy schemes.

Low-Cost Retrofit Loans

Budget 2022 also allocated €60m for a new low-cost retrofit loan scheme, which will be set up next year.

Micro-Generation Support Scheme

Government also announced a new Microgeneration Support Scheme, which will allow citizens and communities to generate their own renewable electricity from solar PV panels on their roofs, wind turbines etc., and receive a fair price when they sell the excess into the grid. The final design of this scheme is due to be launched early next year

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