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Housing for our most vulnerable

Yesterday, 3rd October 2023, Deputy Duffy raised the work of Housing Association for Integrated Living (HAIL) and requested that the Taoiseach considers their funding needs ahead of Budget 2024

The Housing Association for Integrated Living (HAIL) was founded in 1985 as a nonprofit voluntary organisation to provide housing primarily to those with mental health difficulties, to integrate and live independent lives in the community.

The development of the association was a result of an initiative by members of St. Brendan's Mental Health Association.


[Francis Noel Duffy] The Housing Association for Integrated Living, known as HAIL, provides housing primarily to those with mental health difficulties. The work and success of this organisation is monumental as they support our most vulnerable to live securely and independently by providing housing and tailored services. I am certain that without HAIL, the level of homelessness and hospitalisation of our most vulnerable, would be higher.

Taoiseach ahead of the Budget, I would ask that you consider the merits of the services HAIL provides and be cognisant of their funding needs.

[Taoiseach] Thanks very much, Deputy. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with that particular service, but it does sound like a very valuable one and I know the Minister and Government will take that into account to have regard to that when it comes to any budgetary decisions.

I don't think budget decisions of that nature will be made necessarily next Tuesday. But obviously, once ministers have their allocations, they will then want to develop their service plans on foot of that.

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