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Opening of Interim Remediation Scheme for Fire Safety Defects in apartments and duplexes

Today the Government has today announced the opening of the Interim Remediation Scheme (Scheme) for the funding of emergency fire safety defect works in apartments and duplexes, constructed between 1991 and 2013.  

The Scheme will be administered by the Housing Agency on a nationwide basis. The Scheme will be open to applications from Apartment Owner Management Companies (OMCs) from 1pm today December 11th 2023.  Applications can be made via the Housing Agency’s website at

The Scheme opening today, 11th December 2023, and will provide for the full funding of interim measures in order to provide an acceptable level of fire safety in buildings, pending completion of the full remedial works. 

Full remedial works, which will include all necessary fire safety measures as well as those related to water ingress and structural damage, will be funded under a statutory scheme that will be legislated for next year. Work is already underway in the Department on drafting this legislation.

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