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Standards in Homeless Accommodation

Today, the Housing Committee held a hearing on homelessness. It was joined by Prof. Eoin O'Sullivan, School of Social Work and Social Policy, TCD , representatives from NOVAS, Dr. Una Burns, and representatives from Dublin Regional Homeless Executive.

Below are the questions I raised with the speakers. You can read the full debate

Standards in accommodation:

With respect to standards in private and NGO homeless accommodation, are inspections being carried out to ensure standards are met, and if not, are accommodation providers being sanctioned?

Annual Reports & Transparency

Will the DHRE provide annual reports which include financial statements including capital and overhead spending? This, I believe, is vital for transparency and accountability.

Practice of Refusal

The Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien and the PfG is committed to ensuring everyone has access to accommodation when requested, however recently the RTE investigation, aired last Monday, illuminated the issue of people being refused accommodation, for not being from the area or county.

Can you speak to this, and in particular, if someone is not regularised or without a PPSN or for whatever reason are being refused for both one-night only accommodation and long-term accommodation,-what are you doing to ensure they have access to safe accommodation?

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