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Restoration of Ballymount

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

I have worked hand in hand with South Dublin County Council’s Architectural Conservation Officer Irenie McLoughlin for the past six years to restore the Ballymount Castle Gatehouse. And we are beyond excited to announce it is ready to be illuminated!

The Ballymount Castle Gatehouse is located between the M50 at Kingswood/Ballymount and the Kingswood and Red Cow Luas stops, and is seen by thousands everyday as they drive by.

It is believed to have been constructed in 1622 by William Parsons, and is a treasured piece of our local culture. I was disheartened by the state of the Castle Gatehouse and many other local historic monuments so I established the Architectural Conservation Forum, which sits within the Planning SPC (Special Policy Committee) of South Dublin County Council. This Forum helps to push for the restoration of our culture, and will continue to work on new projects moving forward.

We worked tirelessly over the past few years to get the ivy removed, assess the structure, and repair and reinforce it where needed. Though it has taken time we are proud of the completed project and look forward to it being a shining beacon of our heritage.

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